Friday, January 6, 2012

First Progress Reports

I got a little bit done on my Egyptian Garden. I had planned to get the pyramid section done but holding this project aggravates my carpal tunnel so I had to stop early. I need to get a stitching stand that will hold my extra long scroll rods. I wish they weren't so expensive.

Here's my latest progress on Treefrog. I really love how this is turning out.


Cleejoow said...

oooh that froggy is so cute :)

Rachel said...

Your froggy is turning out so cute!!

I love your Egypt Garden so much. I have it and want to start it so bad, lol. You have made great progress. I totally understand about the carpal tunnel, it is hard to stitch on these big things for long periods of time. I think my scroll rods I have my Chinese Garden on weight like 20 lbs...well maybe not that much, but after a little while of stitching it feels like it!!

Joysze said...

Egyptian looks great, Rebekah. Have you tried looking at Michael's or Joanns when they have those 50% off coupons?