WIPocalypse WIP List

I have a list of WIPs started for the WIPocalypse but this may change.

These are started and need to be finished:

Mermaid Under the Sea
Egyptian Pair (just King Tut, not the second one, Nefertiti)
Robin Hood
Tree Frog
Frog RR from the Open Theme RR
Hummingbird - Mill Hill Buttons and Beads Kit

These are Kitted up and ready to go:

Toadally Patriotic 
Toadally Patriotic Fob
Toadally Arrrgh!
Toadally Arrrgh! Fob
Froggy Went A Planting
Welcome to the Nuthouse

Projects that I would like to do but have not kitted up yet. Mostly smalls and ornaments.

Happy Camper
Royal Blossoms 2007 
Christmyth Ornaments
Noah's Ark Ornament
It's Spring!
Dragonfly Heart
Frog Happy
Secret Visitor
"unnamed freebie" I will have to find the title of this one. It is called "ABC Retro"