Thursday, December 30, 2010

From My Garden And An Ornament

I just had to show off my broccoli that I grew! I know, I'm weird. I get excited over the strangest things sometimes. The taste of home grown veggies cannot be beaten.

This is an ornament that I stitched for my little niece that passed away after only 4 weeks at the beginning of 2010. I am also working on an ornament for my Nephew so I am planning to give them both to my sister at the same time. We have all been missing Lucy and this was my way of dealing with the sadness. We are at the same time excited to welcome Atticus into the family. It has been a very emotional holiday to say the least. Oh, I almost forgot to give all the details of the orni. This is Frosty Friends by Mosey 'N Me from the JCS Ornament issue 2008 stitched on 14 count Polar Ice Charles Craft Aida. I had to change one or two colors to accommodate the fabric but this color just caught my eye as being the perfect snowy background. Hopefully my ornament for Atticus will be done soon and I will show that off as well.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brave Knight Finished

My nephew finally decided to come! So here is "Brave Knight" by Bucilla, all finished (edited for privacy). I had just a couple of days to stitch the date and frame it so I could give it to my Sis for Christmas. I even had to make an emergency trip to Michael's because the frame I had bought just wasn't going to work. And it was a pretty red one too. :( I work best under pressure I guess. I didn't manage to finish his Christmas Ornament but oh well. No big deal.

Our family drama wrapped itself up and ended in time for us to have a decent Christmas Day. I'm hoping next year goes alot better though.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bah Humbug!

I'm going to go ahead and say "Merry Christmas" now since I can't guarantee that I will be on here any closer to Christmas. This year has been full of family drama so I'm feeling very Grinchy lately. I have never felt this awful at Christmas before but I'm sure it will all be ok eventually. I hope your holiday celebrations go much better for you than mine are going for me.