Sunday, July 29, 2012

ABC Chicks

I stitched this up really quick. It is ABC Retro, a freebie from here. I used Weeks Dye Works "Bethlehem" and trust me, the color looks so much better in real life. I just could not get a photo that captured the color just right. Anyway, this is actually on my WIPocalypse list. It was listed as Unnamed Freebie. I had to search for it to find the name. lol.

My chicks at 1 week old. I love watching them grow. I'm not sure what they will look like when they are adults so it's like a surprise every time I walk in and see another color. I was asked what breed they are. I wanted more Americanas because they lay blueish green eggs and they are the friendliest birds I own. So I mixed my Black Star hens with an Americana rooster. I also bred my Americana hens with a Rhode Island Red Rooster (most likely because he is their favorite) or a Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster. I got a few Americana eggs from my second cousin as well and there is no way of knowing what they were possibly mixed with. So like I said, I won't know what they will look like until they grow up. Fun huh?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July TUSAL and Chicks

Here is my TUSAL photo. This time it's only a few days late. lol. Here is why I didn't post my orts on Saturday.

I have been giving my fresh yard eggs to friends and family but there is never quite enough for everyone. So I put some eggs in the incubator so I will hoepfully have a few more hens to lay eggs. I put in 16 eggs. I candled them and 4 of them weren't fertilized. I wasn't sure all of the 12 that were left would hatch but they did! I was so excited to see the first one start poking it's way through. Here's some photos....

This is the 12 eggs before hatching.

The brown chick had just hatched and the black chick was drying off.

My little cuties.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Here is my update and finish for WIPocalypse. It's Welcome To The Nuthouse by Waxing Moon Designs and it was on my WIPocalypse list. I just used what threads I had laying around. The house blended too much into the background so I had to outline it a little. I also changed the colors on "Welcome" since I thought it was a little weird to me that it was blue and green and "Nut house" was multi-colored. Anyway, the original is below.