Saturday, January 29, 2011

Progress Photos

Here's Messy... But Mine. Hopefully the next photo of this will be a happy dance.

This is Mermaid Under the Sea. The colors in this photo are completly washed out. It looks *much* better in real life.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I occurred to me that I hadn't yet posted any photos of my new Nephew, Atticus. So here he is! The best part is that when my Sis goes back to work, I get to babysit him! :-D

Don't ya love this last one? Hee hee!

UFO Round Robin Round 3

This is Theialin's My Lady's Chateau as I received it.

Here is what it looked like when I sent it on. I had meant to at least stitch the river on the other side but it just never happened.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Progress

Here is Egyptian Pair or King Tut by Janlynn.

This is Woof Spoken Here by Stitchy Kitty. I used dmc that I had on hand and changed the dog's color a little to look like my dog. I stitched it on a scrap of Aida that I had laying around. I'm planning to put it on a scrapbook cover that will hold all of my pet photos. I was wanting to start something new but I knew that I shouldn't. So I picked out a small thing that I could finish in a day. It is also my first finish for this year.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Progress Photos

I've been trying to at least stitch for a couple of hours on some of my neglected wips. I'm trying to keep myself from starting anything new but I don't really think it's working.

This is Frog Pile by Design Works.

And this is Robin Hood by Little House Needleworks.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TUSAL and Progress Pic

Here is my jar of orts for the TUSAL. In the first photo, it's hard to see that anything is in the jar so hopefully the second photo shows the orts better. What is in there is from "Messy...But Mine!"

Which leads me to "Messy..But Mine!" by Dragon Dreams being stitched on Sahara Flair Monaco by Enchanted Fabrics.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yikes! Another Post Today! Haha!

I'm going to try to do the TUSAL or Totally Useless Stitch a Long. Every month, at the new moon, we are supposed to post a photo of our ort jars. Since I already save all of my leftover thread bits in a jar I figured, why not? I'm not sure why I started saving my threads but I did.

Edited to fix link. Thank you so much to Daffycat for teaching me how to make links! :-D

Goals For The New Year

I have several things that I *need* to accomplish this year. Most if not all are quilt projects.

1. Finish Nathan's quilt (Seriously, why am I having so much trouble with it?)
2. Machine quilt Sis's Star Wars Quilt
3. Machine quilt Sis's first scrappy quilt
4. Make Froggy Quilt for Atticus
5. Machine quilt my scrappy quilt

I have a few more quilt projects that I could list but I think I'll be lucky if I can complete just half of these. I'm going to try though. :)

New Year And Another Ornament

Ok, first off, here is Atticus's Christmas ornament. Technically, I should have had this finished in time for Christmas but I didn't. I had the front stitched already but I ornified it last night on New Year's Eve. I finished it before midnight so I'm counting it towards last year's accomplishments. The design is "Nickademus" by Raise the Roof Designs from the 2010 JCS Ornament Issue. This orni and the one below both turned out a little bigger than I had planned but I think that's mostly due to my amateurish construction skills.

Happy New Year to all! I cannot believe how fast the years are flying by. May this year be better than the last.