Monday, October 8, 2012

Fred the Frog

Ok, I had decided that the best way for me to focus on Frog Pile was to stitch one whole frog before moving on to the next. To make it fun, I gave each frog a name. Meet Fred the blue frog and the beginnings of Fonzie the teal frog.
It is TW October so I am trying to work on TW's Noah's Ark Sampler. I am working on the over-1 animals and it is really kicking my rear end. I was ok until I got to the back stitching. To keep myself from going completely batty, I am stitching as much as I can stand on the over-1 and then I switch back to Frog Pile and back again. I am determined that I will get at least 2 animal squares completed this month.   
And this is my poor rooster, Craig. Due to being attacked by a dog and getting his remaining feathers pulled out but the curious hens, he is totally tail-less. He doesn't let it bother him though. He still walks around with pride. There's a lesson in that I'm sure. I will be putting him in a pen by himself for a while to give his tail a chance to grow back so he should be back to his old self soon.