Sunday, July 29, 2012

ABC Chicks

I stitched this up really quick. It is ABC Retro, a freebie from here. I used Weeks Dye Works "Bethlehem" and trust me, the color looks so much better in real life. I just could not get a photo that captured the color just right. Anyway, this is actually on my WIPocalypse list. It was listed as Unnamed Freebie. I had to search for it to find the name. lol.

My chicks at 1 week old. I love watching them grow. I'm not sure what they will look like when they are adults so it's like a surprise every time I walk in and see another color. I was asked what breed they are. I wanted more Americanas because they lay blueish green eggs and they are the friendliest birds I own. So I mixed my Black Star hens with an Americana rooster. I also bred my Americana hens with a Rhode Island Red Rooster (most likely because he is their favorite) or a Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster. I got a few Americana eggs from my second cousin as well and there is no way of knowing what they were possibly mixed with. So like I said, I won't know what they will look like until they grow up. Fun huh?


mdgtjulie said...

The chicks are darling, and grats on the finish. I absolutely love that color, as it shows up in the piccys. I can't imagine it could get any better, lol.

Shebafudge said...

Aw they are still really cute. I'm looking forward to watching them grow up.

Mangogirl said...

Beautiful stitching