Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Latest RR Progress

Here is Rahenna's RR project, Oriental Butterfly, a kit by Dimensions as I received it.

And here is how looks as I mail it home! There are supposed to be two corded ties on it but I chickened out and decided to let her do them. I justified it to myself that they might not "travel" well through the mail. If it was my project, I wouldn't care if they didn't turn out perfect.


Rachel said...

It looks wonderful, Rebekah! I can't believe you got that finished so fast :) It looks so much neater with all the backstitching in place too.

Justflo said...

The back-stitching certainly makes a difference. It's a lovely design.
Beautiful colours.

I'm sure Rahenna will be delighted.

Rahenna said...

Thanks so much for the great finish! I'll be sure to share what it looks like once the cording is on. :D