Friday, July 31, 2009

Goals and a Progress Pic

This is all I got done on Deck the Stalls. I've been trying to work on it off and on all of this month. I get bored of this one due to the fact that it's all brown. I mean, all brown. I would feel the same way if it were all purple or all green. I need variety in the colors to hold my interest. I do like this design, it's rather beautiful but it's hard for me to stitch. But it does need to get finished so I'm going to have to make myself work on it each month.

And that brings me to this. I have decided to start setting some crafting goals for myself. I have to complete at least 5 quilts before Christmas and I have several cross stitch projects that I need to get done (such as Deck the Stalls above). Two of the quilts are for my little cousins, two are quilts that my Sis has pieced together but now needs me to put together and quilt, and I need to make a baby quilt for my Sis who is expecting a little one come Jan/Feb. I would like to stitch a baby birth record but I can't really start that till we know if the baby is going to a boy or girl. I would also like to get my cousin's stocking stitched so that I can then make one for the baby. Whew! That's alot of work! So, tonight, I'll have to sit down and think of my goals for August.

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