Friday, July 17, 2009

Another RR Found It's Way Home!

Here is my Earth Goddess Round Robin that I got back! I have a little at the top to finish and then she will be done. I'm not quite sure yet if I'm going to frame, make a wall hanging, a pillow, or whatever. I do know that I will most likely add some charms and buttons and things. When I get her finished I will post an update.

Here are all my goodies that Andrea sent along with my lady! Thanks so much Andrea!


Zeb said...

ZOMG @_@ What design is that and who by? SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!! =O

Zeb said...

Tee hee, just noticed you play Neo too ;)
My username there is asrafrate; and don't worry, I don't have any of that cg stuff.

Rebekah said...

It is designed by Claire Crompton and can be found in the "Magical Cross Stitch" book. There are two other ladies that go with her, The Fairy Queene and Dark Sorceress. There also 3 Chinese dragon designs as well as a mermaid in it. (not that I'm trying to convince you to buy it ;) lol)