Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TW Monday

This is my progress from TW Monday. Instead of the gold in the border, I chose to use the pinkish purples and blueish purples from the dragon's front wing. I had my doubts in the beginning but I think it's going to be very nice in the end.
I have no new photos of my Christmas Ornaments that I'm working on for these reasons. I finished one but it's going to be a gift for someone and I don't want them seeing it yet. The second one isn't quite finished yet. I just have back stitching to go and if I will get off the computer, I can finish it up. ;) The third one will be a copy of the first because I really like how it turned out so I wouldn't be able to show that one either. So many excuses! ;)
I will be working on The Silver Lining's 25th Anniversary this week. It's a pretty design but I usually prefer more color in my stitching.

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