Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ornament HD!

The first pic is Intermediate Whitework Ornament by Teresa Wentzler. I was scared to cut the threads but it turned out very well for my first try. The thread is Bethlehem by Weeks Dye Works.
The second pic is a close up of the fabric that I'm using to make my purse. Yes, I know, it's kind of wierd but I love it and that's all that matters. I hope to get some progress done on it this weekend maybe.


Zeb said...

I'm still scared when it comes to cutwork/drawn thread ^_^;
I think one day I am going to go into my local lns and get them to walk me through it.

btw hello! I came across you on the Rotation Stitchers forum. Noticed you had a quiggle user icon and thought 'Aha! A stitcher who likes Neopets too!'

Rebekah said...

Hello! Nice to meet you! :-)