Thursday, October 8, 2015

Miss Froggy

Well, I was "supposed" to work on something else but my froggy kept croaking at me to work on her instead. Actually, I've stitched quite a bit more on her since this photo. It's such a pain to get the photos and stuff to work on here so I'll wait till I'm at a good place on her to update the pic. I have also started kitting up another HaED, "Reading By Firefly Light". I have the fabric and most of the threads, I just need to grid. I'm hoping I can work on that unless Miss Froggy won't share my time again. ;-)

I was also supposed to try to pull out a TW (Teresa Wentzler) project for TWOctober but that hasn't quite happened yet. I feel like my job is interfering with my hobbies! Ha ha ha! But then, without the job, there wouldn't be any money for said hobbies. What a cruel and vicious cycle.