Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Time

I'm sure everyone knows how busy Christmas time can get. I have not stitched on anything since the day before my birthday which was the 29th of November. The reason? Well, I got a wardrobe from an antique shop for my birthday/early Christmas. I don't know anything about it such as how old it is or who built it. Anyway, I had to move a bunch of stuff and furniture out to even get the thing into my room. (yes, my room is very purple) That "stuff" included my stitching stuff so I am taking this as an opportunity to organize everything. I have stacks and stacks of cross stitch and quilting magazines that I need to go through. Ugh!
Anywho, I have posted a photo of my Frog Tree. I should have a few more stitched ornaments on there but I still haven't ornified them yet. You know how that goes, right?
I will try to post closer to Christmas but if I don't get the chance......
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!   


Rhona said...

Have fun organizing all your stash! Hope you manage to ornify your stitching! lol

Bernice said...

I love your frog tree

Anonymous said...

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