Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here's What I've Been Up To

This is my latest progress on HaED's Fairy Frog Mother. I was stitching on her and then left the room. When I came back, I thought, "Hey! She has eyes!" Ha ha ha! I have trouble staying focased when there is alot of confetti stitching but I am loving these colors so it hasn't been too bad. 
Here is Joan Elliott's Crescent Moon Dragon. I really should post "before" photos with these but I'm feeling lazy right now. I love the colors in this one too. I am finding the fabric to be a little "slippery" in the q-snaps so I am having to constantly re-tighten while I'm stitching. I think it's lugana or jobelan, not sure which. I might have to put it on scroll rods.
I am now working on Frog Pile. I have decided that the only way for me to get any good progress on it is to "make" myself complete one frog at a time instead of skipping around. So to make it fun I have assigned names to each frog. Hee hee! i am currently working on Fred. 
Ok, I had to show you this! My dog Pete likes to sleep next to me while I stitch. And yes, more often than not, he sleeps with his tongue sticking out! Lol!


Xeihua (Sara) said...

What lovely progress you have on both projects I love the frog godmother :D and your dog Pete is so cute :)

Caitlin Jordan said...

gorgeous stitching :) and cute dog!

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