Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TUSAL and A Happy Dance

Here's my TUSAL photo for October. The green on top is from my Tree below. :-)

This is Tree of Stitches designed by Abi Gurden. The yahoo group can be found here. I made a few small changes. I added a frog button and a few extra flowers. Oh, and instead of doing french knots, I used green beads. I don't mind doing french knots but there's no way I could that many without having to rip out half of them. I was able to pick this up here and there and stitch for 30 minutes or so. So what should have just taken maybe a week at most, took almost a month to finish. But it is a finish!


Rachel said...

Your TUSAL looks great. Wow, your Tree of Stitches looks awesome!!!

Joysze said...

Congrats on your finish, your Tree looks great!! :D

Bec said...

Love the tree. So beautiful! :)
And I love the little extra you added. Really makes the piece your own. Fantastic stitching :)

Justflo said...

Your tree looks beautiful Goood idea about the beads makes it all you own. Looks a very cheeky frog