Sunday, May 22, 2011


As you may know, I babysit my 5 month old nephew, 8 year old cousin, and 9 year old cousin almost every day of the week. My sister told me that she was going to a wedding out of state so I wouldn't be watching the baby for 3 days. So I go and volunteer to paint the outside of my parents house. Am I crazy!?! It needed to be done and it seemed like the perfect time. It's been slow going since I'm basically painting it all by myself but it's coming along. I have been stitching but only at night.

Anyway, after we had removed all of the plants and stuff from the back porch, this little guy flew in and let me get some photos of him. So pretty!

This Swallowtail butterfly was hatched out by me and my cousins. We found him as a caterpillar, fed him, and watched him go into a chrysalis and then out came this gorgeous little guy.

And last of all, my dog found this critter on the back porch right before dark. I know it's some kind of water snake but I'm not positive as to which one. My best guess is the Northern Water snake. But like I said, I'm not positive. My dog seems to give snakes lots of respect and keeps her distance. I have taught her well!

I have just a few more hours to put into this RR project and then I should have some update photos to show. And who knows what other creatures I may find before then! Ha ha!

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