Friday, February 11, 2011

A Small Happy Dance

This is Kiss Me by Val's Stitching Stuff stitched on 14 ct. Purple Potter aida. I made quite a few color and wording changes so I added the original photo to show the differences. I am planning to make it into a Christmas ornament. My plan is to decorate a tree with just frog ornaments this Christmas. I will still have a tree for the regular ornaments though. I need to come up with a frog angel for a tree topper. Ha ha!

Anyway, I have been super busy with babysitting my new little nephew as well as my two cousins after they get home from school. So my stitching has been reduced drastically. I have been trying to have small projects kitted up to work on while baby is napping. Now I need to focus on a UFO RR project.


Bec said...

Great finish. I love the colour changes you made. :)

Jules said...

Now that's my kinda Christmas tree! I can't wait to see it!!!