Friday, September 10, 2010

Open Theme RR

Here's my latest progress on my Frog RR from the Open Theme Round Robin. I just finished the top frog border. Not much left and it should be done. I lost the chart I had picked out for the empty square but hopefully I'll find it soon. Grumble..I hate when that happens. I have the empty square, the bottom frog border, and then the letters in the middle block left to do.


Jules said...

I am drooling with excitement to see the finished product! I love those frogs...especially the red-eyed in the bottom center!

Blu said...

I love the line of dancing frogs! Very cute.

DeannaAv said...

Oh my gosh, Rebekah, this is the first I've seen your piece since our RR ended -- love the cartwheeling froggies! Adorable!