Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Few New Starts!

This is "Life Is Good" from Tailwaggers #1 by Jeanette Crews Designs. Right now it looks a little spooky but when it's done, it will be a Basset. The fabric is Smokey Haze Flair by Enchanted Fabrics.

This is Croakworth by Ink Circles. I'm using DMC Variations #'s 4215, 4045, and 4140. The flies/dragonflies were supposed to be stitched in the same thread as the frogs but I thought they looked more like dragonflies when stitched in the purple-ish thread. The fabric is "Tea" Monaco.


drea_dear said...

Cute work! I see the basset shape. You're going to be a busy lady this year!

Lindsay said...

He looks so sad :( Loving the colours of Croakworth