Sunday, November 23, 2008

My New Room

Here is cute little snake that has been hanging around our flower beds. It was a cool day and he came out to sun himself and warm up. A quick google search told me that this little guy is a Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake.

Here is my room that I am redecorating. Yes, it's purple! I love it! You can see the shelves that we built and hung up around the top of the walls.

It's my plan to put several little things on the shelves such as my frogs/Kermit collection, several Egyptian pieces, dragons, and other things. I may get some more pics of that when I get everything put up there.

Here's my new curtians. I'm hoping to start moving furniture back in soon!


Dragonflymystic said...

yay purple! Yay for the shelves... you must be ahead of me... I was planning to do something similar... was it hard? any pointers??
Great job!!!!
Have fun with it!!!

Rebekah said...

My advice is....measure twice, cut once! We made a few mistakes and had to buy more materials. Oops! But I love how it turned out.

Claire said...

Tag, you're it. Check out my blog. =)