Thursday, May 8, 2008

Progress Pics

It's a few days late but here is my TW Mondays project, Above the Clouds.

This is I'll Make my Own Happy Ending. I got all of the frog done except for maybe some dots in the eyes. Oh, I forgot that there's webbing between his toes also. So, I'm not quite as done with him as I thought. ;)

Last week was pretty chaotic and I got absolutely no stitching done. It feels really good this week to get back into my stitching. I also have two quilts planned. I might try to get started on that this weekend.


Zeb said...

Heya :)
Don't know if you remember me but I used to be a regular on your blog. Just recently became motivated again to stitch, and hopefully stay that way!

LOVE the frog, it's so cute XD
As for Above the Clouds. I have that as a pattern and a kit, and while it's a mini project of TW's, it's still quite daunting!

Rebekah said...

All of TW's projects, from the huggest design to the smallest freebie, are quite daunting! I kind of like it that way. If all of my projects were easy, I would get bored. Welcome back to my blog as well as stitching! :)

Zeb said...

Thanks Rebekah, I hope I'm here to stay! ^__^

I've got TW's 'You were Hatched...' on my "might stitch list" all I need to do is make a decision on what I want to stitch XD