Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Member of the Family

This is our new parakeet, Gabby. Sorry for the clutter in the photo but she was exploring the computer desk. We are still trying to tame her but she is getting better. She like to sit on my shoulder and play with my hoop earings. :) Like we needed another animal to take care of!

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Dragonflymystic said...

First, welcome to the club Gabby, you are a real cutie! Second, but to me - more importantly ... I want to say THANKYOU! I was at the other house last weekend and was sorting through Jons band room to make sure nothing of mine was in there that I should pack.. and WOW !! I got the mermaid pattern you sent - Finally! I am so so sorry that I just recieved it ... THANK YOU !!!! I love it ... and the dragonflies and other patterns are great too! You are so nice!
Thank you so much!
have a great spring... I cant believe you are already on a roll with your garden... I am far behind but plan to catch up within a few weeks...