Friday, December 28, 2007

My Latest Stitching

The first photo is Mermaid Under the Sea on Polar Ice aida. The chart is a freebie that came with the fabric from Charles Craft. I am stitching it for my little cousin who just adores mermaids. The second photo is of my progress on Egypt Garden by Chatelaine. I didn't get much done on it but here it is anyway. I just have not been able to have a whole lot of time during Christmas this year to relax and stitch. I am getting a few days off from work so maybe I can catch up a little. ;)


Dragonflymystic said...

I love mermaids too ! SO I am watching as you stitch as I have not seen that pattern :)
anyways I wanted to let you know that I finally sent the rest of your present... sorry it took so long... I was going to take it upstairs and wash it and let it dry and never did... it was frozen as it fell into the snow on the way to the post office... so it needs some tlc... BUT I am obviously going to take too long ... so I sent it on its way...
sorry... Laura

Christine said...

Great progress on the Egyptian Garden. Gorgeous job.