Friday, August 28, 2009

A Few Progress Updates

Here's my Dragonfly Sampler. I have more waterlillies to do and they are a pain to stitch but I love how they turn out.

Here is Nora Corbett's "R". I think her name is suppossed to be Rhiannon. I'm really enjoying this one.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Progress and Squirrels

This is my progress on Deck The Stalls for this month. I seem to stitch better on this as I'm watching the SciFi channel. So, here's another goal to be marked off of my list. :)

We've been calling her Gertrude "Gerty" the Squirrel. She was standing there waiting to be fed when I got this photo.

I couldn't resist catching a photo of our waterlillies since they were both blooming and looked so pretty.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Close Up Froggy

Here's a close up of the butterfly and the frog just in case you can't really see them in the other picture.

Some Updates!

I finished her! This is The Earth Goddess designed by Claire Crompton that went around as a Round Robin. She is from the book, Magical Cross Stitch and she was stitched on fabric from Enchanted Fabrics. I don't really recall what the name of the fabric was though. In the original design, the Earth is directly above her head but I decided to put a butterfly charm there instead. I, of course, then had to add a froggy and some dragonflies to her as well. This is one of my goals to be marked of the list!

This is my latest progress on BoInk.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Long Awaited Update Photos

Life has been a little crazy lately so here's a couple of updates.....

I just couldn't resist and I started another project. This is Letter "R" by Nora Corbett. I'm stitching her on Painted Spring Meadow Monaco from Enchanted Fabrics.

This is Mermaid Under the Sea. I have modified the mermaid's top to make her a little more modest since I'm stitching her for my little cousin.

In the meantime, I'm not really getting many of my goals for this month accomplished. Well, I guess it's not too late until September rolls around.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Goals

Hahaha! Well, I had planned to post my goals on the first of the month but I'm just now getting to them. Is that a bad sign?

Cross Stitch Goals
1. Finish 1 block on my Open RR piece
2. Finish Earth Goddess from the 3 Ladies RR
3. Spend at least 7 days working on "Deck the Stalls"

Quilting Goals
1. Finish assembling the blocks for Emily's quilt
2. Locate backing fabric for Sis's Star Wars quilt
3. Purchase backing fabric for Sis's scrappy quilt

I'm going to start with that. I know it's not much but once my cousins that I babysit start school, I will have more time to get more done.